Learning from the best of the past, to build the best of the future.


We are working with the Thorpe & Felthorpe Trust to secure the best future for a 200-acre commercial forestry plantation they own on the edge of Norwich.

In 2014, the site was included within the Greater Norwich “Growth Triangle”, where at least 7,000 new homes must be built by 2026. This will result in the site being completely surrounded by housing, and yet as a commercial forestry plantation there are no public rights of access, and the site’s great recreational potential for the growing population is untapped.

After much consultation with the local community and key stakeholders, in 2016 we submitted an outline application for approximately 300 new homes on less than 15% of the total site area, and to use funds from that new development to cross-subsidise the creation of a very large new public park that will be large enough to be both a community woodland park and a wildlife reserve and sanctuary.

Despite letters of support from more than 75 local residents, the Council refused our application in summer 2017. We have lodged an appeal, which was heard at an inquiry in May 2018, and we are expecting the Inspector’s decision later this year.

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