Learning from the best of the past, to build the best of the future.

Our Story: Socially Conscious Capital

Our name reflects our ethos: Socially Conscious Capital. Do the first two words go together with the third? We think they do. And as the owner-managers, we insist on our business being both profitable and responsible. We want our work – and our reputation – to last.

Our core business is strategic land promotion: that is envisaging, master-planning, and securing planning permission for the creation of beautiful new places, often on the edge of existing villages, towns, or cities. Crucially, however, we are more than just a strategic land promoter. We are also a “master developer”, who can ensure the vision and master-plan actually get delivered as intended.

Our approach to development is also different. Instead of “identikit” housing estates that you could find anywhere, we work with local landowners, planners, and residents to create beautiful new places that respond to the local context and have a distinctive character. Of course, we are still a business with a keen eye for value creation and profitability, but we can take a longer-term view to achieve those goals.

We work in partnership with landowners, aligning our interests with theirs, and exiting at the same time as they do. The more money we make for the landowner, the more money we make for ourselves. But we are co-principals with them, not agents, as we invest our own money and de-risk these projects for them, meaning that we have real skin in the game.

Our team combines experience and expertise in town planning, urban design, property development, and local government, and we have a track record of successfully delivering on these objectives.