Learning from the best of the past, to build the best of the future.

Our Services

At Socially Conscious Capital, we partner with landowners to help them optimise the value of their land, but we do so in a responsible and respectful way. This means protecting their reputation and legacy, and also benefiting the local communities and environment.

We can do everything a typical strategic land promoter can do:

  • We will de-risk the planning process for the landowner by paying all the costs and bringing the expertise needed to manage such a complex and multi-faceted process.
  • We will engage and consult with the local planning authority, key stakeholders, and the local community to shape the emerging development proposals.
  • We will steer the development proposals through the system to secure the necessary planning permissions.
  • We can manage the marketing and sale of the consented development land.

However, we can also offer more than that. For landowners who want to ensure their vision is delivered, protect their legacy, and benefit from the resultant rise in value that their vision will bring about, we will partner with them all the way through to the completion of the development.

We are not builders, but we are a master developer. In this role, having secured the optimum planning consent for a site, we will continue working with the landowner to oversee and manage the selection of, relationship with, and performance of the developers, who will actually build out our shared vision for the site.

For our landowner partners this means they know we will stick with them until the end, our interests are fully aligned with theirs, and we care as much as they do about creating something we can all be proud of.