Learning from the best of the past, to build the best of the future.

Our Approach: Sustainable Urbanism

We want to create developments which stand the test of time. For us, this is all about three key principles:

  • Beauty. A sense of place. Bespoke and contextual design that sits naturally in its surroundings. High quality materials. Sheer craftsmanship.
  • Responsibility. Genuinely listening to local residents. Awareness of the sensitivities of the site and its surroundings. Becoming a real part of the community.
  • Legacy. Places to live, work, and enjoy for hundreds of years. Sustainable across generations. Loved.

By learning from the best of the past, we can build the best of the future.

We’re not about mass-producing  identikit estates in locations with few merits other than a lack of political opposition: we’re about Sustainable Urbanism. We’re not shy about our motives. We’re a business, but with a strong set of values and a love of beautiful places.

We believe our socially conscious approach works best for everyone because:

  • Studies show that sensitive development faces less opposition and progresses more smoothly through planning. Local residents care as much about the quality of development as the quantity of new homes.
  • Working with local communities allays their fears and builds solutions to their concerns into our development proposals, so we’re prepared for planning committees.
  • Developments built around the principles of beauty, responsibility and legacy sell for more and retain their value for longer.

Put simply, by listening responsibly to communities the path through the planning process is easier; and by building beautifully we get the most value from the development land.

What is Sustainable Urbanism?

The idea of Sustainable Urbanism comes from a desire to build beautiful communities where people will want to live, work and rest for hundreds of years.

When you say “sustainable” most people think of environmental sustainability: things like recycling and low-carbon living. Sustainable Urbanism adds social and economic sustainability to this mix, meaning we want to build communities that last, being self-sufficient and resilient as far as possible.

Sustainable Urbanism looks at communities which have thrived (and continue to do so) over hundreds of years and emulates the things which make them work, while mixing in new environmental technologies and techniques.